Become a Certified Transformation Specialist!

The most practical, systematic guide to Personal Training ever! Gain the edge over your competitors with these unique certifications. Utilize science-based, research-proven systems. 


Metabolic Nutritionist Certification
Metabolic Nutritionist Resource Folder
Metabolic Nutrition Cookbible and DVD
Metabolic Nutritionist Audio Series
Complete Training with the Experts
Professional Access to mp-body.com
MAXIMUM Re-accreditation Points!
Metabolic Nutritionist Certification & Registration
Transformation Specialist Certification
F.I.R.E (Focused Intense Research-proven Exercise)
I.C.E (Intense Cardio Exercise) Training
A.P.S (Advanced Programing System)
The MP Business Success System
Hands-on Training & Expert Tuition
How to Sell MP to maximize value & profit!
Professional Membership & support
Certified Athletic Conditioning Specialist
Training for Explosive Power & Speed
Advanced Strength Techniques in the Gym
Systemized Phase Training Construction
Nutrition Timing for Athletes
Metabolic Nutrition Periodization for Peaking
Introduction to Genetic Assessment
Advanced Supplementation for training & competition
MP Level 4 The Ultimate PT Certification
Exclusive – by application only
Executive PT Business Summit
Corporate Systems Training
Advanced & Applied Kinesiology
MP On-line Coaching Systems
Achieve Financial Independence
Reach your true potential

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