How many people decide to go trekking through Nepal right in the middle of their 12 week transformation?

That’s what 54 year old Denise Compt did and it became the turning point in her life.

Denise Compt, 54 years old is married with 3 children, and 6 grandchildren and currently lives in Mt Evelyn, Victoria.

Denise said, “each year more and more weight crept on. I was getting heavier and heavier, but the mere thought of doing something about it scared me to death. So I elected to hide myself and put up with hating myself for years."

“Everyday getting dressed for work was an arduous task for me. I just hated my body and loathed getting dressed. I really hated looking at myself in the mirror. I had no confidence at all. One particular day I realised just how fat I was! I knew I had to do something. This was my snap point,” acknowledged Denise.

“A friend of mine was a member of the local gym. So I decided enough was enough, I joined Fenix Fitness Club Mooroolbark, in Victoria. However, I was still so scared, for the first four weeks of my membership I didn’t set foot in the place at all.”

“I quickly realized that purchasing a membership is one thing, having the courage and commitment to use it was another. I remember seeing the great Metabolic Precision posters with all those wonderful people changing their lives. I knew I needed some help and guidance. So I contacted the Fenix Fitness Personal Training manager, Phil Haydon,” said Denise.

"When Phil met with me I asked him what the Transformation Challenge was all about. Once Phil started explaining the program I knew this was what I needed. We sat down together and looked through and that was that. I signed up there and then,” smiled Denise.

“You would think that would be the trick, here comes the happy ending and story over. However, the truth is for the first two weeks of my first MP program I floundered, I didn’t fully commit to all components and was apprehensive about some things, like the meals and not really taking full advantage of what MP really had to offer,” admitted Denise.

“Then of all things, a trekking expedition in Nepal was advertised in the gym. The trip was coming-up real soon. Phil suggested I should do it. I laughed at first but then thought why not? I needed to change, I needed to take action. So I joined the team and went trekking in Nepal!” exclaimed Denise.

“I have been married for 37 years, and never did anything like this. Definitely nothing like this on my own before. Going overseas was a huge ordeal. The trek ended up being a huge growing experience for me. The achievement really lifted my confidence and made me believe in myself.”

“When I returned from Nepal I realized I had to get serious, there were still 8 weeks left of my MP challenge!” said Denise.

Denise Compt before and after her first MP program.
  Denise lost over 7kgs of body fat and eliminated her cholesterol problem

Denise said, “completing my first MP challenge really was a process, it changed my life. For example, for the last 10 years my blood cholesterol level has been a real concern - its always been high with consistent readings a high as 12. I’ve tried changing my diet and even turned to medication to lower it. But, only ever managed to get it down to 6. After following MP and metabolically precise eating, my doctor was amazed when he saw my cholesterol reading was staying at 3.5. He was so surprised he ordered another test. Both tests came back the same! MP lowed my cholesterol where nothing else ever could!"

“I’m so much more confident when I dress, I enjoy shopping and buying new clothes.  I lost a lot of unwanted weight easily, almost 10 kilos and my whole outlook on life has changed," said Denise proudly.

"It really is about mind set and being ready to change. Now I find metabolically precise eating fits easily into with my lifestyle. The principles and steps of MP are very easy to live by," said Denise.

“I never use to eat a lot of vegetables, but I love the FEON soup from the MP Cookbible, it's convenient and delicious. I was never one for protein shakes but I love MP-LMs, especially the Choc berry! In fact, the MP Cookbible has helped me so much. Thank you Shar!” exclaimed Denise.

“Phil (Haydon) my MP Certified Trainer, really does practice everything he preaches and leads by example. He was a real inspiration. I remember initially not fully comprehending pre and post supplementation but, I kept seeing Phil take his MP shakes before and after every workout and that’s why I stuck to it!”

“I can’t describe the feeling - it was just so nice to walk in to the gym the day after the Awards Evening and have people say, well done, congratulations Denise!, it was wonderful.”

“I can’t wait to start my next MP challenge. In fact, we’ll start the next one in a few weeks. For someone that wouldn’t dare set foot into a gym, I now absolutely love it and can't imagine not doing this for the rest of my life."

Why is MP different?

Well, what we do is Metabolically Classify, so both the client and the professional know exactly where the starting point is and how to progress. Then we turn all those “good intentions” into a wonderful lifestyle to suit any individual. We do it with a fun, interactive, life-changing experience that just so happens to embrace all the latest nutritional research into one complete, easy-to-follow, easy-to-teach system.

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