You are all set for a fantastic transformation.

You have enlisted the help of a Metabolic Precision Body Transformation Specialist.

You have told your family and friends that you are going to start a new program.

You have new workout clothes, completed an MP Kitchen Makover and you are feeling ready to give this weight loss thing another crack.

So what’s going to make this time different?

Why are you going to succeed this time round, when the other times have failed?

What is the "transformation glue" that's going to hold it all together when things get a little difficult? When you have that "bad" day or even bad week?

You know you will, that's life.

Here's a heads up.....No one sails smoothly through a 12 week Transformation.

So you need something very powerful, rock solid that we can anchor your success - to weather life's worst storms.

You need something that serves as a compass, as soon as you look to it, you know where we are.

Yes you have the science-based and often research-proven MP system at your fingertips. However, MP can only pave the clearest path to success, you still have to do the walking.

One of the most powerful lessons we learnt in our MP Specialist Certification was the Six Secrets to a Successful Transformation.

These "secrets" are really invisible obstacles that most people don't know how to overcome. They want to change, but there is always a few invisible barriers that block progress, eat away at motivation and eventually derail success. The very first Secret of Success is "having a WHY".

Why are you doing this in the first place?

I've personally taken over 125 people individually through at least one MP 12 Week Transformation. I've always found the people who make it through and achieve an amazing result have identified their why very early on.

Conversely, those that flounder or even don't complete their 12 weeks, did not have a deep and personal WHY.

We all have a different reason for wanting to look and feel better, but to really nail your success, you have to know what your reason is and it has to be big!

For example, it could be that you want to be healthy and active to participate in your children's lives, to be a vital, strong influence as they grow up.

Same with your grandkids? Maybe!

It might be as simple as a deep desire to fit into specific clothes; jeans, a top or even your old wedding dress to renew your Marriage vows with your partner. It can often be a deep desire to be attractive to your partner, or to happy and confident enough with your own body to attract one!

Remember, it doesn't have to make sense to anyone but you. It can be quirky, it might sound strange or even superficial if you tried to explain it to someone. Who cares? As long as it's deeply important to you and you only. Everyone has a different response button and it’s up to you to find it.

Action step: Take a pen and paper and find a quiet spot. Write down your WHY. Then keep going - write down 50 benefits WHY this is so important to you.

Why 50?

Why not!!

Remember, no reason is too small, silly, or insignificant. These benefits should be important to you and you only!

If you can write, 5, write 10, and then 20....Until you have 50.

Like throwing a pebble into a still pond, the cornerstone reasons will ripple through your life, influencing other aspects, and ultimately making everything better!

You now have 50 great reasons why you must succeed!

One or two really create an emotional response in your body. The rest of them are linked to the more powerful ones. That’s great! Have those reasons in the fore-front of your mind, when you have to get up extra early to fit that workout. Complete your MP weekly meal prep systems, record your information and tick your accountability boxes. Now you have something that’s too important to give up on.

You may be thinking, “50 is a bit excessive, isn’t it?” Well, the fact is, the more excited you become about what you can see, the higher your success rate will be.

At our studio, we have turned clients away if they come to us and don’t have a good reason as to why they want to work with us. We know from experience, those same old destructive habits will creep back in and they will end up where they started.

Once you have your why, it’s like a switch has been flicked on – it’s GAME ON!

So I encourage you to do your own soul searching and identify the reason you really want to make this body transformation happen. Having a solid WHY helps the how to become much easier! Your WHY really is the Transformation Glue that holds it all together!

Members of can read the full Special Report: Secrets of Success, Industry Insider.

Download the audio The Secrets of Success from the MP Audio Library.

Luke Archer is MP Level 4 Certificed and an MP Mentor – one of select few highly regarded MP Specialists that offer an internship program of excellence for other MP trainers. Contact Luke Archer, here.

Read more from Luke here.

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