The workout of the week is a leg session, with the crux being squats. Squats are the basis of so many daily movements that it is hard to believe people shy away from them when they are in the gym!

A properly performed squat is a total body exercise. Yes, it is lower body dominant, but without the activity of the upper body and core musculature we would be parked permanently in a seated position on the ground.

Coming off of some long races, I am focused on getting my strength back up on the main lifts and finishing off with the same motion using a different modality. In this session Barbell back squats were the main focus while leg press, split squats and Bulgarian Deadlifts added some fun I spiced it up with 2 rounds of kettlebell front squats and man-makers at the end.

Barbell back squat
• Complete 2x10, 1x8 increasing in weight each set.
• Complete 4x5 with your working set weight resting as needed (3 minutes or so)
Leg press
Split squat
Bulgarian Deadlift

• Kettlebell front squat x10
• Manmakers x8
• Rest 2 minutes
• 2 Rounds

Barbell Squat

• Upright, squared torso, neutral spine
• Squat depth- AT LEAST parallel.
Note: I did not arrange for the poor form squatter in the background, but I must admit the timing was impeccable)
• Each repetition should controlled in the concentric and eccentric phase
• Stand tall at the end of each rep- a hip flexed position is not your end point.

Kettlebell front squat

• Form requirements – same as barbell squat
• Torso upright, neutral spine
• Squat to depth
• Finish with hip extended (not lumbar hyper extension)


• Place dumbbells on floor shoulder width apart
• Maintaining weight on the dumbbells kick feet/legs back landing in a push up position
• Complete a push up and jump feet back in (landing under your hips)
• Keeping your hips behind you and maintaining a neutral spine pull dumbbells from the floor
• Swing the dumbbells up (in a ‘clean’ motion)
• Dip and drive the dumbbells up (push press)
• Arms should be back by your ears
• Low back neutral position maintained.

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