Quite often, people mistakenly assume that the amazing transformations featured at mp-body.com are due to extremely long and rigorous training programs that completely dominate the persons life.

In particular, a lot of guys seem to think that to get into shape means marathon, 6-day a week workouts an double split routines.

For this week’s Workout of the Week, I’d like to present a program that typifies how time-effective MP can be.

Most people can only afford to devote a very small percentage of their week to exercise. Metabolic Precision is all about creating permanent change. A key part of that is, learning how to train effectively but also how to eat and supplement to maximize the results of every moment spent working out.

I designed this program for one of my clients, David Pepping – Dave is living proof that to get into great shape, you don’t have to spend hours every day in the gym.

Dave before and after his 12 week program with Liam

RESULTS after 12 weeks

• Decreased waist by 10.5cm’s
• Decreased hips by 9.5cm’s
• Decreased abdominal skin fold by 8mm
• Decreased Back skin fold by 7mm
• Dropped a total of 35cm’s off entire body and shredded!!

David Pepping is a what’s you’d consider a regular guy that came to me wanting to improve his health and his body. Like the rest of us, Dave is busy and has endured a lot of life's challenges.

David really only had a few hours a week to devote to training and his stress levels for a lot of different reasons were very high.

I knew I had to design Dave a program that would take into account all these considerations and trigger rapid changes.

I designed a three-day a week program utilizing MP’s research-proven training methods & program design.

• Three Phases, linearly periodised
• Progressive overload manipulated via exercise selection, execution & RM used
• First exercise utilized the MP warm up
• Each exercise after used an acclimation set
• Total working sets: no more than 10 completed per workout.
• Rest intervals: around 2min - less for smaller muscle groups, a little more for larger groups
• Exercise examples can be found in the video section at mp-body.com

Dave said, “After separating from my wife about four months ago now, I had a very serious decision to make. Do I let it get me down and indulge in things that will only eventually make my life harder, or do I find something positive and motivating to focus on instead.

That’s when Liam and the twelve-week challenge came along. Opportunity Knocked and I answered, this has given me something to focus on and has helped drive me through what is but does not have to be a very dark time in my life.

My friends and family have all noticed a significant change for the better in the way I carry myself, physical appearance, and personal discipline.

My new eating and training schedule are now very important tools in the way I choose to live my life. It has helped me to approach the negative and annoying issues that are all part of life with a smart and positive attitude.”

I've provided David's entire MP 12 week resistance training program here. However, what most people don't understand is there's effective resistance training and there's MP's science-based, research-proven approach to optimizing biomechanics, force-production and achieving the Nexus Point in the Pinnacle exercises.

Dave said, "When it came to weight training, I thought my technique was pretty good. However when I started working with Liam I realized I had so much to learn. Liam optimized my technique using the MP training principles and taught me how to achieve the Nexus Point on key exercises. Although I had to reduce the weight initially, throughout the twelve weeks I started lifting better weight than I ever could have imagined. This was a powerful tool in my transformation with Liam”.

Ed's note: Liam Carrick-Ryan is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable and professional trainers, I’ve ever had the pleasure of certifying. Liam is about to undertake MP Level 3 Transformation Specialist Certification. Contact Liam for Corporate Fitness, Seminars and a life-changing Transformation.

Director of Transform Fitness:
Ph: 0433 658 466
Email: info@transformfitness.com.au
Web: www.transformfitness.com.au

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